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Local Scholarship Applications:
All local scholarship applications are posted on our School Counseling Google Classroom. Be sure to check eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

Guide to Scholarships Presentation:
View our Guide to Scholarships presentation.
Scholarship To Do List:
1. Sort list of scholarship search results by deadline
2. Select the scholarship with the earliest deadline and visit the scholarship provider’s website to verify the eligibility requirements, application guidelines and deadline to apply
3. Read the application guidelines and follow the instructions on how to apply
4. Begin your application
5. Have someone else review and proofread your scholarship application
6. Submit your completed application prior to the deadline
7. Make a list of scholarships you will be applying for and keep track of the dates you applied and dates the winners will be announced

Naviance Scholarship Search:
Search for scholarships on Naviance - Naviance Scholarships

Scholarship Search Websites:
Create an account and search for scholarships on the below websites:
Search the Top 175 Scholarships for College Students
Merit-Based Scholarships:
Check your college choices to find merit-based scholarships and other scholarships available to incoming students.

Review Requirements - Scholarships may require an additional application.

Check Deadlines - Scholarship deadlines may be earlier than application deadlines.
Visit the Financial Aid link on the School Counseling Website for additional information on Financial Aid.