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Nurse's Corner

Nurse's Corner

Spotswood High School Nurse's Corner
Welcome to the SHS NURSE'S Corner

Simona Ponoran, R.N

It is cold and flu season. The flu vaccine is strongly recommended, unless your child's healthcare provider has found reason for not providing the vaccine to your child. Hand washing is vital in reducing exposure to communicable disease. Also, eating a healthy balanced diet, keeping hydrated and getting enough rest enhances immunity. If your child is ill or should develop a a fever, please keep them home.

Please review these websites and always feel free to contact me or your healthcare provider with any additional concerns.
All students requiring any sort of medication in school, over the counter or prescription, must have a medication form filled out and signed by their parents and their medical professional. Separate forms for life threatening allergy requiring epinepherine and those living with asthma are required. Parents are required to bring/send in all medication to the nurses office except those medications which students are allowed by law to self-carry (i.e. asthma rescue inhalers and Auvi-Q's/EpiPens). Forms can be found on this page.
Medical Forms:
Helpful Links: