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Yearbook Club

Our objective is to create a yearbook that brings high school memories together. It is our mission to emphasize the unity that our school can generate. Through pictures and words, we forever emboss our place in time. Our yearbook represents every class; therefore we need members from every grade to help create the yearbook. Creative skills are important, as well as organization and knowledge of our specific software. Typing skills are a plus. A training session is held in September for any new members. The editorial staff is selected in June for the following year. Our meetings are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:15 - 4:15 pm. A student can be a member of yearbook as well as other clubs or activities. You are able to work at home on your own time if you cannot attend meetings. The design and creation of the yearbook takes time. Generally, we work from the first week of school until the books are distributed in June. As a member, you should be familiar with digital photography. You will be required to take pictures at various school functions, which will be used to create different layouts. Our yearbook is created online through the Internet therefore computer literacy is essential.