At Spotswood High School, students are given course recommendations from their current teachers for next year’s course selections. Students meet with their counselor to review the recommendations and a parent/guardian signature is required for students to enroll in courses. Based on these course selections, the master schedule is created and the staffing needs are determined. Therefore, once this process is complete, it is vital that there are limited scheduling changes.

Reasons for changing courses after submitting final course selection sheet:

1. A course failure which prohibits the student’s progress to the next sequential course or a student passes a credit recovery course which allows the student to progress.

2. Class level change supported by teacher and counselor recommendations and approved by the appropriate department chair and/or administrator.

3. Student is placed in recommended or mandatory Basic Skills course.

Honors and AP courses cannot be dropped because summer work was not completed.

Students who waive into a course must remain in that course for the duration of the year.

The deadline to make scheduling changes is March 15, 2023.