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Principal's Corner

I want to welcome you to Spotswood High School, where we have focused on excellence in academics, the arts, and community service since 1976. Our district mission statement serves as our guide for ensuring that every Spotswood student has the strength of character to realize their aspirations. It states, “The Spotswood Public School District is dedicated to excellence in education by inspiring and challenging our students to achieve their full potential while becoming productive citizens of the global community.”
Our curricular and extracurricular opportunities serve as proof of this dedication. We offer a full spectrum of Advanced Placement, Honors, College Prep, and career readiness courses. In addition, students have the opportunity to focus on visual or performing arts. To prepare our students to interact in a global economy, we offer a selection of courses in world languages.
Extracurricular offerings serve to supplement our fantastic classroom instruction. In many cases, these organizations serve our greater Spotswood community, and crystallize strong ties to our young people in other district schools. We are proud of our student involvement in Heroes & Cool Kids, National Honor Society tutoring, and Lead for Diversity.
Our school community strives to support the whole child. Our school counselors serve in a variety of capacities. They assist our students in post-secondary planning, college applications, and fulfilling testing requirements. Additionally, they work directly with students who are experiencing any variety of challenges. We endeavor to send our students out into the world as intellectually and emotionally healthy beings.
I am extremely proud of Spotswood High School, our accomplishments, and our continuing quest to improve and strive for excellence in the classroom and beyond. The community and our Board of Education continue to support this vision. We are excited that you’re joining our family and look forward to bearing witness to a positive and productive experience for your children.
Amy Jablonski
Principal, Spotswood High School