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Spotswood High School

Sangha Update

Dear Parents,
Earlier this summer, an email blast was sent to inform you that we were moving to a new notification system named Sangha. That message is included below:
You are receiving this notification as a test from the Spotswood School District’s New Instant Alert System. Changing from our current provider (Honeywell), the Spotswood Schools have moved to a new notification and instant alert system (Sangha).
While not required, Sangha suggests downloading the Sangha app on your devices to provide the most functionality of service. Should you desire, you can review or edit your contact information through the Sangha app or through the traditional Parent Portal.
As this message indicates, Sangha is simply a notification and alert system. While it is replacing Honeywell (which is also a notification and alert system), it is not replacing Genesis. Simply put, Sangha connects Genesis to you.
As Genesis will remain our student data information system, it will remain your access point to information regarding your child. Genesis continues to provide the ability to maintain or modify your contact information. To review or change this information (and therefore how you are contacted for school messaging), please see the attached document for a brief tutorial.
Should you have any questions or face any difficulties, please contact the Spotswood IT Department at