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Spotswood High School

Matt Tyson to be Published by Crayola for STEAM Art Contest

Matt Tyson, a sophomore currently enrolled in Fine Arts I has been chosen to be published by Crayola through his efforts of a submission for a STEAM Art contest. In this contest Matt made a submission in the Game-Design category. The prompt for this category was:

Develop a new electronic game that provides people with a social connection and solves a societal problem.  The game should be fun to play while helping to overcome a problem that exists somewhere in the world.  Draw the image of the game or what the connections look like as people play.  Write the game description for an app store.

Matt Tyson's game design is called Homeful.

His write up for this game is as follows:
Explore! Travel around on your hovercraft to find a building where your avatar can live at or create your own building. Chat with other users, upgrade your home, and give many users a home. Go to the money dispensing  building if you need help with your building financial endeavors. Go to the large blue building in order to learn actual job experience courses.

The game itself was based off the idea that everyone deserves a home. Many people in the United States are indeed homeless due to financial reasons even though it’s one of the richest countries in the world. So, this game will allow a user to navigate from building to building housing many avatars whom are homeless. The money building was made to give to those whom are without. The large blue building was meant to give off a formal atmosphere, as well as a purpose, for actual job experience in order to gain one. The floating buildings give the game an unearthly feel to it, as well as the earth being in the distance. The themes are wrapped into an addictive game like many others, but for an actual good cause.
The Fine Art Department is very proud of Matt Tyson's efforts and we are excited to see more of his problem solving skills translate in the art room over the next 2 years.  Congratulations Matt!